Meet The CEO


Dawn M. Henderson is the beauty and brains behind two striving businesses. Sweet D Organics, a beauty and personal care business and Infinite Visions Brand Consulting. 

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Dawn graduated from Brookhaven High School in 2010 and went along to pursue her Social Work degree at Tennessee State University. 

In 2012 her father was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and given less than six months to live. She returned home to be by her fathers side and immediately went against the time frame the doctors had given and started researching ways for her father to enjoy the rest of his life as much as he could. This is where she began transitioning into a holistic lifestyle and found natural remedies for almost anything! Going against the grain, the doctors into took her father off of the traditional chemo therapy method and he lived with stage four cancer for two years.

During this time, she was self employed with an extremely successful network marketing business and used social media to make a full time job income at the young age of 20. She used these tools along with the property management and real estate marketing experience she had to successfully launch her all natural beauty and personal care business, Sweet D Organics in November of 2017 where she quadrupled her full time job income in less than two months. 


During her successful journey with SDO, people began reaching out to hear her story and for help with their own business journeys. With many success stories under her belt with helping other entrepreneurs build their brands, this is where she found her new passion. Dawn believes that there is enough room in this world for everyone to have the success that they dream of, work for and deserve. This is where Infinite Visions was birthed. 

Her goal is to pick at everyone's creative brain so that they can see the potential in their hobbys and ideas to create multiple sources of residue income for themselves. There's truly enough out here for everyone, we all need to take advantage of it!


In loving memory of Donald Henderson.

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